How to Lose Belly Fat for Teens

How to Lose Belly Fat for Teens

Lots of teens are having stubborn fat issues and many are constantly struggling to find quick ways to lose belly fat and get their bodies back in shape.  Safely, losing belly fat takes time even as a teenager, but that time can be reduced if new habits are formed and smart routines are practiced consistently.  Don’t worry - it doesn’t have to be hard and it will be fun once you make up your mind. 

A good attitude helps in performing these methods correctly without any frustration.

To get rid of that loose belly fat the quickest possible way - naturally and safely - you’ll need to concentrate on two major areas - diet and exercise.  Simply put, eating too much will result in you gaining more weight and belly fat, and exercising too little will prevent muscle build-up.  Muscles serve as excellent fat reducers.

Here are three ways to regularize your routine so that you can lose stubborn belly fat and gain some lean abdominal muscle to take its place.

Changing your Eating Habits

If you are not yet ready to change the type of foods you eat, that’s okay because you can still lose belly fat by increasing the number of meals you eat per day and reducing the serving size.  ‘Grazing’ or eating five to seven smaller meals each day minimizes the instances where you starve for more food since you are filling yourself up at shorter intervals. This results in moderate eating habits because you can never go excessively hungry this way.

Once you’ve got the feel of things, you can proceed to focusing more on protein and less on carbohydrates so you can burn the unnecessary fat foods to lose belly fat  By simply having less rice on your plate and more lean meat, fish or poultry you can see some surprising results as long as you keep it consistent.  If you enjoy eating rice, then you can substitute brown rice and still benefit from less carbohydrates.  Protein is a lot harder for your body to digest and the stored protein is excellent when you get into exercising.

Changing your Drinking Habits

There is nothing better and more refreshing than water and having at least eight glasses of water every day is essential for melting that fat away.  Take note that changing your drinking habits alone won’t do much and should be done in conjunction with your new eating and exercising habits.  If you feel you must, it’s okay to have soft drinks and other drinks every now and then, but water is most important.  Remember, that soft drinks contain an absolutely scary amount of refined sugar - probably the biggest culprit in weight gain.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Ask yourself, are you getting any physical activity at all right now? 

If you aren’t pursuing anything of a physical nature at all, it just simply is not good for staying trim.  At this point, don’t worry about what the best exercise to lose belly fat is.  Instead, just try doing a few simple exercises like sit-ups and crunches and boost your overall physical activity a bit at a time in your everyday life. 

Then you’ll need to - gradually - tune up your exercises and get into a bit of interval training and cardiovascular activities more often.  I know this can sound like a big deal at first, but it really isn’t.  Activities such as jogging, running, biking and swimming are just a few of the good forms of cardiovascular exercises that can help burn fat.  Really, anything at all that gets you moving and you enjoy is great.  Even just integrating a bit more walking during your normal everyday activities helps out a lot. 

As you get going, combine those with some abdominal exercises and other strength training to get into better shape.

You don’t need to strain yourself in exercising excessively and, in fact, less than a single hour total of physical activity everyday should be enough to see some results after a few weeks. 

A little tip to lose belly fat: exercising before breakfast can be the best time to start since you are taking advantage of all the fasting that you did while you were still sleeping and you rev up your metabolism to burn fat all day.

Consistency is a key factor.  As long as these three overall lifestyle-methods are being followed everyday your belly fat will be reduced in no time.  Just make the decision to modify your lifestyle a bit at a time following these techniques to prevent the belly fat from returning.

You can do it!

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